Cyanobacteria Bloom monitoring and forecasting on the Baltic Sea

Near real time satellite monitoring products

  • Daily cyanobacteria bloom drift forecast
  • Coastal risk zone evaluation

Our last project Active in 2018

CBAS project was providing the cyanobaceria bloom for Warmia lakes in 2018.

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Widely distributed around the globe, cyanobacteria grows in marine and fresh waters in colonies large enough to be seen from space. The association of toxicity with such blooms first affect invertebrates and fishes and frequently leads to the closure of recreational waters when blooms happen.


An advanced tool for large scale monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms in the Baltic Sea, such as HAB Risk, is expected to benefit local population, tourism, and aquaculture. It leverages the near real time satellite data and provides the bloom information through the mobile and web apps.

Coastal risk forecast

HAB Risk delivers daily algal bloom forecast for the coastal zone for the 3 upcoming days. HAB Risk uses specialised regional algorithms to deliver its products, which can be more easily compared with local data collected by regional authorities.

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Step 1

Search for the nearest beach

The app contains data for all beaches of the polish coast.

Step 2

Get daily forecast

App contains the cyanobacteria bloom forecast for every beach of the polish coastline.

Step 3

Get more data

App provides the bloom forecast for the whole Baltic Sea.

How it works

The data presented in mobile app is only a forecast of the bloom. As al forecasts also ours can be prone to an error. Especially the presented data shall not be used to assess the safety of bathing on a given beach. If you are in doubt about the water safety please refer to the lifeguard or local authorities.

Cyanobacteria Bloom monitoring and forecasting on the Baltic Sea

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